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1.  Due to the fact that this page is constantly being updated, please do not copy and paste these FAQ's into your own page. However, you may link this page on your own website. By doing so, visitors will be seeing an up to date version of these FAQ's. Thank you for your co-operation.

2.  Also, I am not the all knowing guru of all things Vertical Horizon.  I will gladly research any question that is sent my way and try to help you guys out in any way possible, but more than likely, my answer will be, "I don't know." Also, I have no affiliation with the official web page (it just happens to be linked on their site), nor do I have contact with the band. If you e-mail me with a question, I will do my best to try and reply in a timely manner, but remember, I am an extremely busy person.  Thanks for understanding.

Steven Black